Studios as human dwellings, art as a life choice, music all around and silence on the walls; brushes in the place of words, and colors taken away from nature. Double exhibitions, close-range fields and planes, visions from the bottom and profiles slantingly inserted; a sharp and deep black and white to tell and to contain the emotions. A repertoire full of truth, of analysis, of comparison, but above all balanced in its documentary research, stories told through the eyes of a person who is able to look from the stable viewpoint of his interpretive awareness, who manages to conjugate the language of census with that of feelings. Knee figures that underline effects of extraordinary concentration, and long takes capable of alternating stories of discreet sweetness and light views full of suspension and secrecy. Absolute protagonists are still people with their ideas.

(1998 – Denis Curti Director of the italian Foundation of Photography / currently vicepresident of the Foundation FORMA)