"I feel naked in front of the camera!", a banal expression used by those people that are embarrassed when they are in front of the camera. To make the externalization extreme, denuding the photographic subjects, also physically.
Only two snapshots: in one the subjects are dressed and in the other they are completely naked. With the camera that only catches the face, though, the result is an examining close-up, scrutinizing also the smallest reactions of the look and of the face.
An investigation on the reactions on that instant when he subject gets naked in front of the photographer's eyes, and he/she offers himself/herself to his photographic sadism. An investigation on the psychological elements, through tiny clues in the expressions of the face, a click that penetrates and that denudes the inner self of the portrayed subject. A wide range of characters of all ages, sex and races that challenge their "ego" through their being uninhibited in front of the camera.
The work has been presented in diptychs. It will never be revealed which of the two portraits is the clothed or the naked one, so as to leave doubt in the spectator …. and in the portrayed subject as well.